Rating check

Rating check test scenario provides a fast result to check the correctness of pricing engines in any Billing System

cost savings

in average 3% of unidentified lost billing tickets can be regained for revenue and 80% of testers’ resources for Billing Event Processing redirected to other tasks

Full end-to-end tests

Full end-to-end test scenario provides a complete functional test coverage for any Billing System

Years and more in use

Million Subscribers benefit from error free rates

Mobile operators

Defects found

Million EUR revenues saved

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Performing accurate Billing Event Processing tests can be expensive and time consuming for every operator. Checks are required for each new service, price plan or change in the Billing System. These tests often require large amounts of manual work, including locating relevant Call-Detail-Records (CDRs) and performing the actual check. In addition to wasting resources, such manual activity is often troublesome and prone to errors.

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M&I Test Tools are in use at 6 different mobile operators’ markets for more than 10 years
23 million subscribers benefit from error-free charges on their bills
around 500 million CDRs have been created, adapted, analyzed and verified of correctness
test independently from any Billing System
about 20.000 defects have been found, reported and fixed
since full automation was introduced, no delays in bill cycles caused by wrong rating or event processing happened

With more than 15 years of experience in provision of services for IT Billing Systems, Management&Information started its business already in an early stage of modern mobile communications. During this time period, several operator’s Billing Systems have been trained, tested, customized and migrated by our team.

Our company has specialized in IT Billing sector and continuously supplies its key account, A1 Telekom Austria AG since 1989. Our concepts of testing and acceptance are proven in efficiency and quality. In the Billing Event processing we are focused on full automation of processes and tests.

M&I Test Tools have been developed over a period of 10 years, us- ing all our knowledge and experience we gained in the testing of different systems and multiple file formats.

Currently our Test Tools are in daily operative use by our own test group for outsourced testing at A1 Telekom Austria and under license at VIP Operator Macedonia and Vip Mobile Serbia.

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